Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Homemade Fix-it Felix Costume

We are doing a Wreck-it Ralph theme for Halloween, inspired by Dalton grabbing his toy hammer and his Daddy's hat one day while watching the movie.  He is an adorable Fix-it Felix and can't stop saying his catchphrases... "I'm Fix-it Felix, Jr, ma'am." "I can fix it!"

Dalton's costume was easy enough. We had most things already at home. I picked up the belt and hammer at Goodwill, the gold paint at Walmart, and ordered the hat from Amazon and the Felix patch from Etsy.

  • white t-shirt 
  • blue polo shirt 
  • Felix name patch 
  • carpenter jeans 
  • brown belt 
  • brown shoes
  • yellow gloves 
  • blue hat 
  • FF patch (made from felt)
  • toy hammer 
  • gold paint 
  • ribbon for medal
  • cardboard medal

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