Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Homemade Owl Costume

Maggie stubbornly refused to be any character from Wreck-it Ralph, and wanted to be an owl. I'm really pleased with how well her owl costume turned out, though, and she LOVES it, so I can't complain.

So far her owl costume has two parts: a dress with wings, and a hat.  She wanted a tail, feet, and orange or yellow leggings, but I haven't gotten around to the first two and couldn't find the leggings.

Owl hat: I crocheted this hat from this Repeat Crafter Me pattern. I wish I'd put the eyes closer together, but Maggie wouldn't let me change it (did I mention stubborn?).  She wanted to be a "real" owl, not pretend colors. So we used browns and black, yellow, and orange for the face.

The owl dress idea was forming in my head when I saw this owl costume via Pinterest.  We picked up a women's shirt at Goodwill, and two colors of coordinating brown felt. I cut out the feather shapes and sewed them on the shirt across the front, starting at the bottom and overlapping as I went up.  

The wings are just freehanded on two layers of felt. I used coordinating fold-over elastic to attach it to her hands (putting it around her wrist made the wings harder for her to control).

We decided we liked the wings better without feathers on them.  They are attached with a few rows of stitches over heavy interfacing at the shoulder blade. I'm afraid if I let her play with it as much as she'd like to, it will rip the knit shirt. Hopefully the interfacing will help that.

Trying it on and loving it.

Update: I made some feet at Maggie's request. Two layers of felt sewn together, with elastic straps around the ankle and foot. She wore them with flip flops no problem.

And here is little brother trying on the owl costume.

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