Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Home Preschool: C is for Color

This week for preschool we did C is for Color.  Of course, the kids already know their colors. We learned about color mixing instead!

Books: My First Colors, Red Green Blue, Mouse Magic, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Going Up and My Many Colored Days. After we learned about color mixing we also read Mouse Paint.

Movie: Meet the Colors.  This was a great time filler at the end because the colors repeat so you don't have to see the entire show.

Snack: Cheese, Crackers and Carrots.

We reused these baby food pouch caps to make rainbow necklaces.  This helped the kids remember the rainbow order, and also color mixing (ie green is in between yellow and blue).  This was the favorite activity. They also got some fine motor practice.

Color Collages. They tore pictures from magazines to match each other and made a stack of each color on the paper, in rainbow order.  I was amazed at how focused they were on this activity. 

Color Mixing. I filled six baggies with shaving cream and 2 drops of food coloring. I wrote on the baggie what color it would make when mixed. They each mixed their three baggies to see what new colors appeared.

Fun science!

Magic Milk Experiment. The last time I did this, Maggie and Dalton played with it for half an hour, but this time it was over in 2 minutes. Oh well.

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