Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sienna at Six Months

 Most of her hair has fallen out (and grown back in - even the bald spot is filling in) except for a patch on top that won't lie down any more.

Sienna has taken up swimming and badminton.  She LOVES to chew on goggles.  Best pacifier yet.

Oh, and organ lessons.  She can't reach the pedals.

She's not very good at folding laundry either. But apparently, neither am I.

My sweet girl.

Or not.

I started giving her some food this week.  I won't elaborate on how it's going. 

Can't I just keep her little and breastfed? These next two pictures are of her nursing. In the first she grabbed my hand and stuck it in her mouth. She likes to chew on knuckles.

This one shows her sticking her hand up out of the neckline of my shirt and grabbing onto it, like she likes to do.

One week shy of six months, she decided to try sitting up.  I love the shot of her with her tongue out. That's so "Sienna".  
Cute and oh-so-sweet.

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