Monday, May 13, 2013

Disney By the Numbers

Here are some stats on our Disney visits this past year.
81 visits.
Starting with 5 days on our house-hunting trip, followed by 6 weeks of living in Utah.  Then, nearly every Saturday, and once during most weeks.  

We made 41 visits by the six month mark, the same number we did our entire first year of having passes, and kept up the pace. We went when Sienna was overdue. We went the day after Christmas (to Goofy's Kitchen!) and on New Year's Eve (visit #50).  

We went on everyone's birthday (John's was the day before, because his birthday was on a Sunday) and our 9th wedding anniversary.  (The DD means we parked at Downtown Disney and didn't get a parking pass.)

We did Mickey's Halloween Party on Dalton's birthday, and a mommy-daughter date for Maggie's.  

We had a LOT of fun.

We paid a total of $1850 for our passes.  We bought Dalton's later and paid quite a bit more for it, but it's is valid until he turns 4 in another 5 months.  Anyway, that works out to about $23 per visit, plus about $5/gas. Not all of us went on every visit, which technically brings the cost per visit up. John probably went just under half.  Dalton went the most, I think.  He only missed one or two.

There aren't a lot of things I would pay $23 for my family to go do, but that's a great deal for a day at Disneyland for the whole family!

Time to do something else. See you next year!

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