Friday, February 25, 2011

Maggie-Size Apron

We cook from scratch a lot in India and Maggie and I were both in need of an apron to save us from flour splatters. I also wanted something for Maggie for semi-messy crafts (clearly this apron will not protect from serious paint spills!) I just heard about U-Create's Create With Me, so I was checking for the February challenge to be posted - what do you know, a good excuse to finally make our aprons. Ta dum!
Here's the tutorial. I don't have a sewing machine, and the fabric options are pretty limited here. Also they wouldn't sell me less than 1 meter, so I picked a trim fabric that would match both of our aprons. I cut all the pieces ahead of time, and headed over to Kerri's for a few hours of stealing her sewing machine. The kids didn't mind - they love having new toys to play with!
I cut out my apron pieces first, and it was so many pieces that I decided to simplify it for Maggie. I just eyeballed an apron shape, then cut out the ruffle, ties, and pocket. I think the neckband in the pattern is too wide, even folded in half. I added elastic in the top of the pocket and I just love the girly ruffle. The apron is so darling on her, and she is thrilled to wear it.

And, despite the face, someone else loves it, too. Dalton begged to wear the apron after Maggie. You hear that, teenage boy? You were asking to wear it! I didn't make you! Next time I go to Commercial Street, I'll look for some boy fabric (not hopeful about this) and make another one.
I only got halfway done sewing my apron and haven't made it back to Kerri's, so I'll share it another time. Mine has an elastic pocket as well (slightly crooked, but nevermind).
Update: Here's mine. It does the job.

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Erin said...

i absolutely love the apron!!! will you teach me to make one when you get back? I can sew a little bit now. Maggie looks adorable in her new apron, please tell her I love and miss her. Dalton looks ??? precious!!! Please let me be there when you tell him the story behind that picture. Tell him aunt Erin loves and misses him too!! When are you guys coming home anyway!! It seems like forever!! I thought it would go by fast but no such luck.