Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Wizard of Odd

[John went to Kansas City this weekend for his friend's wedding.]

 A view of Kansas City from the WWI Monument Tower.  It looks nicer than it really is.


 Said Tower.  When built in 1921, the top was lit with fire.  Now:  utter dilapidation.

 The entire monument.  There was also a very nice WWI exhibit inside.  But if you go near closing time, be warned:  the workers come around and remind you of the time every 3 minutes.

 Kansas City Temple in the middle of nowhere.  Built in 2012.  Attended the wedding of Shaun Morris on May 18, 2013.

 Community of Christ (formerly known as the RLDS church, but have distanced themselves from all things Mormon to be Protestant in nature).  Hence the cross.

 Future site of the Independence Temple.  Not currently owned by the LDS church.  Perhaps some day.  In Zion.

 Liberty Jail replica exhibit on the site of the original.  Very nice tour.

 Revelation received by Joseph Smith while in Liberty Jail.

 The dungeon was not tall enough for the prisoners.  Some suffered chronic back problems after their four month stay.  I can relate.  The loose rocks on the sides and roof provided a sort of alarm system.

 Proof I was here.

 My hotel with the circle on top.

Rent a ride at the mall where I bought my $100 white shirt since I forgot mine.  Who knew Hallmark also sold clothes?  Clearly we're not in Kansas any more.

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