Monday, July 14, 2014

Harry Potter Studio Tour

The Harry Potter Studio tour was awesome. We went with Rachel and her friend Jenn, and two of our cousins, Laura and Jill. So not only did we have other HP fans with us, but we got to spend the day with Rachel, and also Jill whom I miss doing staycations with.

The cupboard under the stairs.

In the great hall.

Maggie the Ravenclaw.

Mirror of Erised.

Gryffindor common room.

Beep on a broom.

Wand lessons!

Sienna was a little too excited to have a turn.

The Knight Bus


Animatronics. I thought the monster book was cool.

Sienna, on the other hand, LOVED the Mandrake plant.

Dementor backpack.


Large scale Hogwarts model.

Wand shop.

In the gift shop. Sienna wanted everything.

Hi, three-headed doggie!

Sorting hat.

We got the kids plastic wand pens for 10lbs each. Wand fight in the tube station.

Dalton drew himself catching the snitch while Rachel gets hit by a bludger.

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