Sunday, June 24, 2012

New House

Here's our new house! It looks like every other house around here from the outside.  John took these after swimming, so excuse the lunch/post-swimming mess.

Master bedroom, and office.

Master bathroom.

Baby's room. I know what you're thinking. "Where are you going to put the baby?" We are wondering the same thing.

Dalton & Maggie's room.  There's also a bathroom by the kids' rooms, not pictured.

Dalton's bed is not made because he slept until 10:15 today (church is at 9).

Living room.

Private patio.

Front entry way.

Dining room/Kitchen

Garage entry way.  On the left is storage under the stairs, and a half bath on the right.  The door in the foreground is the pantry.

Kitchen.  I can see the park from the window, and counted 6 people walk by while I did the breakfast dishes (the dishwasher doesn't work right now).

Lunch time!

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