Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kid-Free Adventures of Beep

With Margaret and Dalton at camp last week, Sienna had me all to herself! Here's what she did.

Took a 5 hour nap.

Played at the park with Mommy.

Her friend came over - twice - and discovered Maggie's allowance when he was supposed to be napping.

"Mom! Stop taking pictures and help me get blankies!"

Fought over sand buckets with her friend.


Got a "new" doll stroller and nakey baby.

Ran errands at Costco (and a bunch of other places - shopping with just one kid is not really that much easier when she is the one kid).

Tried the stroller out herself.

Got blankies stuck again.

DJ/Accountant/Nose Picker vibe.

That's better!

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