Friday, November 4, 2016

Halloween: Zootopia Family Theme Costumes

Halloween 2016 Sneak Peek!


The idea for this year's family theme came from Sienna wanting to be Nick Wilde.  Dalton then claimed Officer Hopps.  Maggie actually joined our family theme for the first time since she had a choice when I suggested she be Gazelle.  John wanted to be the sloth, Arthur being Toot Toot made sense, and I got stuck with Assistant Mayor Bellwether.

I made all the hats, as usual.  Same hat pattern as previous years, made up the features myself. Here is the fox before I changed to green eyes.

I used this skirt tutorial to make my skirt, not that it was difficult. My hat was the most difficult.  I crocheted a basic white hat and sewed piles of polyfill on it. The ears are just pink felt.

Actually, maybe Maggie's top was the most difficult because glued-on sequin fabric gums up the sewing machine, and mine crashed and burned while making it.  I did a lined top with a snap closure, and sewed stretched 2-inch silver sequin trim to the bottom to avoid hemming.  Her leg warmers ("boots") are just tubes of stretchy dance fabric.

Made by me: fox, rabbit, sheep and sloth hats, my skirt, Maggie's top and "boots"

Target: Maggie's shoes, Maggie's skirt, Sienna's shoes

Amazon: John's shirt, both ties, kids' accessories (paw-sicle, fox tail, microphone, badge and carrot recorder)

Etsy: Dalton's shirt (@alyssaparisd) and Maggie's fabulous antlers (@wingsnthings13)

Borrowed from friends: Arthur's "Toot Toot" costume, my sweater and a double stroller that saved us at Mickey's Halloween Party.

Maggie's make-up is white acrylic paint, white eyeshadow, and black eyeliner. Her costume is my favorite and I wish I had taken more/better pictures.

We got lots of use out of our costumes. Mickey's Halloween Party, trunk-or-treat, trick-or-treating, kids wore them to school, Sienna wore hers to Disneyland several times, Krispy Kreme, play group party, music makers, etc.

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