Saturday, July 19, 2014

Warwick Castle

England in all it's glory.  This place was awesome, laid back, picturesque, perfect for kids, and just plain neat.  Huzzah for Warwick Castle!

(Susie and Sienna chickened out, so Leonard, Maggie, Dalton, and me made the trek up North without them).

Maggie conjuring a potion a la Harry Potter hex to use on her brother no doubt.

Some of them were Dalton sized even!

One room featured Maggie the housemaid being scolded by the lord of the manor for playing with the chillens with the cleaning gets neglected.  Hilarious!

Dalton thoroughly enjoyed the powder room more than Maggie!

Not sure who Dudley is but a nice shot of a stain glass with the grounds as a backdrop.

"Dad I need your help flushing the toilet" says Boy.  Well that rip cord is very high!  I must say I LOVE English toilets!  I love that the door is an actual door and the walls are actual walls and not cheap plastic partitions.  I appreciate privacy during such times.

Getting ready to storm the tower!

I spy....

We really lucked out on the weather.  Cool but not cold, and views that went on forever.

Town of Warwick, whose quaintness also mimics that of the castle.


What English garden is complete without a few peacocks?

Beware pea fowl in the tress.

Just learning self-sufficiency.

They had an AMAZING bird show!  Maggie could have stayed in the bird tent all day.  This was an Egyptian Vulture.

The sky is falling!  See that fire ball?  The trebuchet show wrapped up our day in Bag End.

The walk back to the train station was so fun.  Until next time!

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