Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland! It was good to be back, even if it was Alternate Universe Disneyland in Paris.

Sienna only lasted about an hour in this park the first night. Poor thing.

We went again another day, with a 2 hour magic morning window. Those 12 people? The only other guests in the park at this time.

Personal castle photo opp.

We did Fantasyland, then took turns on Space Mountain: Mission 2.  It's a totally different ride with a loop and corkscrews.

Right when the park officially opened, it started pouring rain. We were well-prepared. This is in line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which was awesome. It was also a nice and long ride.

My turn waiting with Sienna, who really wanted this Minnie stroller.

Haunted Manor. It has a killer bride plot, then a random ghost saloon scene at the end.

Exploring Adventure Isle in the rain. 

The parade was short, but the kids loved seeing their favorite characters. 

it's a small world was my favorite ride at Hong Kong Disneyland, mostly because the rest of the rides were basically the same as in CA. A lot of the Paris rides are much different, including this one.

The boats are covered. Brilliant move, Disney.

Hey, we were there!

Here's the US.

Go, sports.

Freaky dancing cactii and a horse roasting hot dogs.

Snow White ride was exactly the same except they added this lovely concluding scene, which makes the entire ride so much better. Unless you are Sienna.

Sauvage! Feroce! Beep!

Yes, they actually spell Poneys like this. Also, why are the poneys in such a cage? But it's nice that the cages have benches you slide in and out of. Also, the train is much longer and you can fit more people on, which makes for shorter lines.

Storybook Land. There's no narrative. 

Rapunzel's Tower. Ranponce is THE princess in France, apparently.

Oz...? Ok.

Alice's Curious Labyrinth was everyone's favorite thing. Even Sienna stopped crying long enough to enjoy it. There were a few things that were boarded off or broken - the Disney magic isn't 100% there - but it was really fun and much bigger/longer than we expected.

Riding the train around. You can't even see any of the park from the train and the stations are hidden really out of the way. A downside to the spacious park, I guess.

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