Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Eva Dress (x3)

I made my dress for Rachel's wedding using a free printable pattern: The Eva Dress. Printable patterns can be daunting. This one was 49 pages. You print it out and then you have to tape it together. Luckily I had help on my side. John trimmed the top and right side of each page and I taped them together.

I made the smallest size, 36. I am actually a 34, but since Staples printed my pattern at 90%, it turned out ok.

I also made a practice dress using fabric from Walmart (which actually cost more than my actual dress fabric). This was a great idea. The dress itself went together in just a couple hours, but I had a lot of difficulty hemming, hemming the sleeves, and keeping bumps out of the side seams.

Also the shoulders. The pattern was kind of vague on folding the front facing over the should seam. The purple dress turned out with a much looser neckline (possibly due to a difference in fabric weight) so I ended up making the entire neckline smaller. On the next dress I make, I will baste until I know this looks right.

Eva Dress Instructions

Interfacing help (cutting on the bias)

Understitching demo

I also read a lot of articles on sewing knits with a twin needle, but I wasn't able to avoid tunneling. I ended up using stitch witchery instead.

Here's the teal version I made Rachel. She wore it to the family and friends dinner before her wedding.

Here's my bridesmaid dress in action.

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