Thursday, April 3, 2014

March Misc

Well, I really dislike these random round-ups, but whatever. That's what we've got (again) this month.

Dalton, still in bed at 11am on St. Patrick's Day.

Maggie playing "Harry Potter" with a DIY wand.

Teaching Dalton and all their "guys" spells.

Dalton's favorite part of Frozen is Olaf pushing his melting face back up.

This is what Maggie wants her bridesmaid dress to look like (for Aunt Rachel's wedding).


Tasty veggies.

Watching Baby Einstein animals show.

6 am snug.

Eating sand.

selfie snug.

Helping with the laundry. Sort of.

Maggie's first internet search. She was annoyed that the things I was entering weren't bring up JUST Rainbow Magic stuff.

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