Monday, April 7, 2014

Home Preschool: Letter S Activities

S is for all kinds of stuff.

For Spring we also covered letter S in flower Stickers.


I drew an S for each of the kids and they decorated them with various art supplies. It was actually a really enjoyable activity. I got all the stuff out and let them have at it - stickers, pompoms, scissors, markers, crayons. Each snowman turned out very unique.  Dalton's has a lollipop and a sticker because he got pokeys for preschool.

Space/Star Gazers. Cut a square of black paper and poke holes in it with a toothpick or pin. You can make a shape or constellation shape. Wrap the paper around the end of a TP roll with a rubberband and check out your stars!

Strawberry and orange Stack Sun Snack

I also had a huge pile of fiction and non-fiction S books for us to read, but we didn't really even get to that. The other activities were too much fun!

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