Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sienna Walks and Other Sillies

Beep loves to take walks. As soon as I put her shoes on, she runs to the front door. Sometimes she gets her shoes and brings them to me and I'm obliged to take her around the block.

Got her Roo and a book, just in case.

She also likes to jump on box covers.

She is happy with her new trike, though pushing it is preferable to riding in it.

She had a good time pushing it all around the park.

And pushing Dalton on the way home...

She also likes to push the grocery cart (even if I'm holding her, or she's in the sling), the stroller, etc.

More random Sienna pics from the last week or so.
"Eeeeee!" (Say Cheese!) She pretends to take my picture and it's so stinking cute.

Watching the Easter Beagle with her bunny kazoo.

Hot and sleepy.

And dragged to swim lessons.

She's really trying...

So sweet.

She likes to look out the window.

Random sleeping baby picture.

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