Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Bunnies

I made these marshmallow peep bunnies out of felt for Easter this year. I made enough for my Primary class, my nieces, and of course Maggie and Colette (totally counts as felt food!) I just cut out two bunny shapes for each and embroidered french knots for the eyes and nose. Then I blanket stitched the two sides together, stuffing before finishing off. I also decided to add arms to the bunnies to hold a treat, cash, or a note. The arm is just a strip of felt, added to the blanket stitch on both sides. I was going to do the Peeps chicks (pattern here), but I didn't really like how the one I made turned out, plus I liked the bunny-arm idea.Why can't she sit this still when I'm trying to take a picture of her?

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Erin said...

Those are so cute!! I won't show this to Ember so she'll be surprised :)