Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to You!

Miss Maggie turned 3 today. We had an "O"s party. We made {ate} Fruit Loop necklaces.
Sang "Happy Birthday" to a shy girl.

Ate lemon poppy seed circle cake.
Played Ring Around the Rosie {Ethan was the only one who wanted to play}
Played with balloons for half an hour.
And opened some fun presents.
After the party, I found Maggie in her room reading her new Berenstain Bears book, and introducing her new elephant to Bullseye/Eat Hay.
We went to Burger King for dinner.And got Maggie her very own portable DVD player. So spoiled.


Sarah said...

Catching up... Happy birthday, Miss Maggie! I totally see the resemblance in Maggie's 6 month pic and those recent ones of Dalton. It's funny - at about 9 mos, I start to see Maggie as I recognize her now. I was thinking the same thing recently about mine - when I look back at those early pics, they don't really look like "themselves." But starting at about 9 months, they do!

Kristen said...

Please ship me a slice of that cake...or at least post the recipe on the recipe blog. Be sure to include the frosting!