Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby High Chair Recover

I recovered one of our hand-me-down high chairs using this tutorial. I picked out the fabric with Jodi in mind (she told me she had picked out green bedding with elephants and brown trim) since we are sharing this particular hand-me-down (and many others). Technically, Erin wants the high chair back, so thanks to her for letting me ruin it before making it much better.
This high chair had a foam pad (and 10 year old crumbs) in between layers of cracked vinyl. I couldn't find the quilted batting that was used in the tutorial, so I ended up basically recovering the foam pad.

I cut the front off the existing pad and traced around the back to make a pattern. Then I cut out the green flannel and 8 gauge vinyl (wipeable and washable!) for the front and brown fleece for the back. I sewed it all around the pad using bias tape. We are making friends, bias tape and I. I sewed all the layers together at the joints, as in the tutorial. The foam pad had holes in it for this purpose.
I sewed button holes on the bottom flaps to hook around the tabs of the chair. The top part isn't quite wide enough for the method, so I sewed elastic loops onto the sides to hook around the upper tabs. Also, I need to make a belt for this chair. It didn't have one. I'll sew a large button hole for it to hook through, once I get the buckles to make the belt.
The big girl still fits, too.

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