Monday, March 15, 2010

Portable DVD Player Tote

Maggie got her own DVD player for her birthday - and by "birthday" I mean "upcoming 4 hour car rides, 17 hour plane ride, and countless 'Mommy's making dinner upstairs and the TV is as far away from the kitchen as possible' times". I loosely used this tutorial from Make It and Love It.
Maggie picked out the fabric (she choose pink, then I gave her 3 options). I know I said I wouldn't work with bias tape again, but it was so tempting. It turned out better this time, and my main problem was actually with the bobbin, not the tape, so hurray. I used fleece to line it instead of using batting and a lining.It holds our 7" player and a DVD or two, plus a pleated pocket for the power cord and car charger.


Hillary said...

That is a really nice tote. I'm not brave enough to start making stuff like that with zippers and velcro and straps. Looks difficult. You did a good job.

Hillary said...

Oops, I see it is bias tape and not a zipper. Bias tape is scary.

Susie said...

I think bias tape theoretically makes things easier, I'm just not very good at using it yet. Velcro and straps are super easy. Zippers take patience.