Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Minnie Mouse Dress

The Minnie Mouse dress is the second in what I hope will be a collection of princess peasant dresses for Sienna. The Rapunzel one was knit and didn't turn out nearly as well, so I've put off the knit Briar Rose one I bought material for. But the Minnie one turned out perfectly.

I bought a new pattern for this, in a larger size, otherwise I would have used my standby (Simplicity 5695).
This is Simplicity 2377. It's basically exactly the same.

And why make one when you can make two for twice the price? I sold the other to a friend.

My kid is adorable.

Here's the knit Rapunzel dress.

I also made a couple sparkly Elsa capes. I basically hemmed a rectangle of fabric and put some FOE at the neck.

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