Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nursery Singing Time Apron

I made this apron for singing time in Nursery. I used a variety of fabric scraps, some from a friend in the ward, on a monkey background with a polka dot ribbon to tie it with.  I just hemmed the monkey fabric, with a casing at the top for the ribbon.  The pockets are hemmed on one side (the top) and I sewed down the other three sides.

I bought some painted wooden shapes to use to represent some of the songs, and printed and laminated a bunch of pictures and clipart.  There's a variety of Primary songs, fun songs, and even a couple hymns, some of which the kids don't know at all, which doesn't matter because I'm usually the only one singing. The kids love getting to "pick a pocket" if they are sitting nicely in their seats and participating.  We have so many kids that each of them getting one turn is plenty of singing time for my poor pregnant lungs. I have about 30 pictures/shapes, so we mix up the songs every week.

Some examples of the images/songs I used:
Popcorn bucket: Popcorn Popping
Family: Families Can Be Together For Ever
Church: The Chapel Doors
Sun: Sunbeam
Monkey: 5 Little Monkey Swinging
Fish: The Fish in the Sea Go

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