Thursday, August 28, 2008

Candy Corn Pants

John and I were browsing in Gymboree the other day when we saw these candy corn leggings for $14.50. I had just seen candy corn fabric for $2/yard at Wal-mart, so I not only said, "I can make that", I did.

Behold, the $1.50 version.

Now, I realize these are not as cute as the Gymboree version. But we didn't even pay $14.50 for pants she wears all the time, why would we spend that much on ones she will only wear for a few months? Plus they were fun to make and I learned how to use a new sewing machine foot to make a teeny tiny hem on the bottom.

I made the pattern myself and used a few tutorials:
How to Make Easy Kid's Pants
Frill Pants (for the ruffle)

These pants were fast and easy to make, other than the time I spent learning how to use the presser foot. They definitely took less than an hour to make. The pattern was simple, I cut out two pieces on the fold, sewed up three seams, added a waistband and hemmed, gathered strips to the legs. Ta dum! Now if only I can get Maggie to wear them.

Edited to add some action shots.


Jackie said...

Do you use Etsy?

Susie said...

no, I don't make stuff to sell unless requested.

Hillary and Cameron said...

Cute pants! What a great way to save money. I'm glad you have a blog!

Kristin said...

You're making me wish I had a sewing machine! I love all of your crafty posts....and I like your leggings better than the gymboree pair...

amandajean said...

cute pants! would you consider adding them to the flickr candy corn contest?