Friday, October 3, 2014

Homemade Black Angry Bird (Bomb) Halloween Costume

We eventually worked out that Maggie would be the black Angry Bird (Bomb) for Halloween. I made her Angry Bird costume out of fleece, with some polyester stuffing. It was pretty easy.  Here is a helpful tutorial for an Angry Bird costume. Cut out four big circles from the black fleece. Trim neckline and arm holes.

Cut out features from other fleece colors and sew to one of the body shapes.

Then I sewed two sets of the body shapes together, right sides together.  Left an opening for turning and stuffing. Then I sewed each set of body shapes together at the shoulders and under the arm.

The Bomb Angry Bird hat is terribly made from black fleece. We put a toilet paper roll inside the bomb fuse to get it to stand up. She loves it and won't wear it over her ears, or let me make a better one.

With Red. Completely unposed.

She likes to scrunch down like an angry bird with her head inside the costume and blow up.

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