Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Costumes: Cavemen & Dinosaurs

I got our Halloween costumes finished this weekend. They turned out great! John and I will be caveman. I also made a caveman costume for Maggie out of scraps. Maggie wanted to be a triceratops, and Dalton will be a stegosaurus.
To make the kids' costumes, I made a pattern by tracing clothing that fit them. Then I cut out the pieces from brown fleece. I sewed Maggie's pink fleece polka dots on before piecing it together. The horns, beak, and frill are also pink fleece. I stuffed the horns with polyfill. A horn pattern shape is a wide triangle with a rounded bottom.
I also sewed some pink fleece toes.
Here is the shape of the tail before I stuffed it.I made a belt using broadcloth, heavy interfacing and velcro. I made it very wide and top stitched the open end of the tail to the center. I love how it turned out! More detailed instructions here.
Here is my sick little stegosaurus. The plates are cut out of a sheet of stiff felt (50 cents at Jo-ann). I cut the back piece in half, sandwiched the plates in between, and sewed it up. If you want plates on the hood, attach each hood half to each back half and then sandwich the plates.Here are the instructions for the caveman costumes. I used 1 1/3 yards for the adult version.

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super cute dino's!