Saturday, June 12, 2010

Old News

We are moving out of our house this week, so I've been avoiding taking my camera anywhere. While cleaning, I found a couple of old pictures I wanted to post. The first is Leonard and I, either for Christmas or Easter before Rachel was born. I think Dalton looks a little like I do in this picture.This one is my Dad in our garden in Los Angeles. It says January 1987 on the back - love the shirtsleeves in January. The truly awesome thing about this photo is the Datsun in the background. Two things about the Datsun: carsick on the way to piano lessons while Rachel ate cheetos, and it was supposedly bought the day before I was born. My parents' existing car broke down on the way to buy it and was given up on. Also: plastic flamingos! I think my mom's grave needs some.

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Miss Laura Whitney said...

LOVE how they are cut out around the important stuff. Good old 90s scrapbooking techniques.