Monday, June 14, 2010

Laptop Case and Camera Case

Some last minute projects before we move... Our pretty, new laptop needed a pretty, new case. I whipped one up similar to Rachel's, but I didn't use bias tape. I left a hole in the lining, sewed around the opening of the lining and outside fabric together, then turned and topstitched. It's not fabulous, but it works.
I also made a case for our new camera. I used fabric scraps for the outside, fleece scraps for the inside, bias tape scraps for the trim, and velcro scraps... are you seeing a trend? Again, I just guessed at the pattern and made a lining and a shell. I did boxed corners on the bottom. Then I inserted them right sides together and trimmed with bias tape. I made a [crooked and messy] button hole for the camera strap. I also sewed tiny seams along the outside edges to help it hold its shape a little more. If I hadn't had to redo the bias tape, it would actually be really cute!
By the way, I discovered the problem with bias tape isn't me - it's the tape! This turquoise tape is so thin, I could barely use it for one layer of fabric and one layer of fleece. I don't know how I used it for all the layers of fabric and batting of Rachel's laptop case. The bias tape I used for the DVD player tote was much easier to use.

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Jackie said...

You amaze me, all the time!

Love them. Love you!