Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Usual Crazy Baby Picture Round-Up

Milkshake thief

To uncomfortable to crawl, too lazy to walk.



She loves lugging these scriptures around.

Noodle face, noodle fist.

I'm rich!

So hot.

Pretty Pajama Princess.

Broken Blankie (first of three mends I made this week).

She was so mad at me while I fixed it. She took off with blankie as soon as I was done, ditching the other one.

Trying to get a turn on this car... which belongs to neither her nor her friend.

I'm sitting in a chair and I can't get out!

Walking for real. Piano mover.


My vacuum, my friend.

Peek-a-boo again!

Secretly a cat.

Come fly with me in an upside down world!

This is the first time she cried when we left somewhere. (Toys R Us)

Again with the mad cat skillz.

Pretty girl trying out shoes for reals at Legoland.

Playing at the park.

Sick baby.

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