Sunday, February 2, 2014

Home Preschool: Letters J, K and L

Preschool Letter J: Jellyfish.

He also brought home jellybeans in a juice jar that he now keeps his "coins" in.

K is for Koala. They also made kaleidoscopes, which was Dalton's idea (I was supposed to do K).

L is for lame. This was my letter and all the activities I planned kind of fizzled. The kids cut out the leaves themselves, thumbprinted ladybugs and drew on polka dots. It just wasn't as cute as I imagined.

We also had lollipops, lime yogurt (which only Dalton would eat) and Lucky Charms (which I forgot to get out). Read some books on lions, llamas and leopards and watched The Emperor's New Groove. And played on the slide (Ladder).

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