Friday, November 29, 2013

About Us Page November 2013

Here we are!  I'm a mom, that's what I do.  Every day consists of cooking, cleaning, snuggling, fun stuff with the kids, crafting, mommying, and writing.

Miss Maggie is your average, spunky, imaginative first grader.  She loves dinosaurs, Legos, books, and school.  She loves to learn new things, invent new games, and tell stories.  She is really silly.

Dalton Boy is a crazy, tumbling, rumbling, climbing preschooler who gets into more trouble than I can dream of.  He likes the iPad, reading books, animals, whatever his big sister is doing, and strangers.  He's super friendly, especially with adults - if you look fun, you are his new best friend/grandma/brother/whatever.

Sienna joined our family in November 2012. She's got a mind of her own and the spunk to make it happen.

John is a CPA.  He spends his free time buried under the children's attentions.

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