Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Home Preschool: Letter G

Letter G Preschool did not turn out as planned.  I was going to do Glow in the Dark, which sounded very fun. I pinned a bunch of black light activities, but the black light idea fell through (cheap ones don't work and expensive ones are... well, expensive).  And my glow in the dark stars will apparently be delivered in time for next week's preschool.  Anyway, it all turned out.

We made a Letter G Giraffe.

Then we put on our glow necklaces and got our finger spotlights and a lantern went into the closet for storytime. I cleaned out the closet under the stairs. It was a little cramped, but big enough for me and the three kids.

We read a glow-in-the-dark animal skeletons book, and books about giraffes, gorillas, geckos and fireflies. In this picture, the kids are trying to lick their eyes like a gecko does.

Then, I got out the sensory boxes. I made a Green one, and we reused the Space sensory box that's been used a few times.  As usual, I can never predict what the kids will be into. This was IT. After I gave them more spoons and cups, they just went about scooping and mixing. I think the themes were lost on them, which was fine. Especially since we were still in the closet and you couldn't really see them anyway.

I just sat in the closet with them for about 30 minutes while they played.

The lantern battery died just as we were cleaning up. Snack time! I forgot about snack, but luckily we had graham crackers on hand and I saw these GoGo Squeezes while I was getting the crackers out. Perfect.  The kids watched How the Grinch stole Christmas while they ate.

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