Friday, September 21, 2012

Preschool Activities: Space

I'm trying to do more home preschool stuff for Dalton.  Last Saturday, I sat down and got some stuff ready to do a few space-themed activities with him during the week.  I put everything all organized in a folder so it was easy to grab when we had time to sit down and do an activity.  This worked out really well.

First was this Space book.  I basically cut out a bunch of shapes and he did the gluing. The idea is from Little Family Fun, click over to see all the pages.

This space sensory box is the first sensory box we've done in a long time, so both the kids were really excited about it.  I bought a small bag of black beans (they were SO expensive!) and everything else is just from around the house.  I included pony beads, bouncy balls, a small wiffle ball, a globe (from a cheap-o pencil sharpener), two baby links (to be planet rings), star muffin cups, silver spoons, a star cookie cutter, crumpled tin foil (not pictured), Lego astronaut (not pictured) and best of all, sea glass.  Dalton became obsessed with the sea glass. He carried it with him to the park and opted to sit in the stroller and hold it rather than put it down so he could go play (the park has sand and it would have gotten lost. Though it's lost somewhere in the house now anyway).  More ideas for a space sensory box at Counting Coconuts.

 I also printed out a coloring sheet of the planets.  He not only colored them, he matched up the colors with the sea glass he was playing with.

Outer Space Playdough: I made a batch of homemade playdough and added black food coloring and silver sparkles.


drew said...

That's so much fun! I'm homeschooling my daughter and this will be a great addition to our activities. Thanks!
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jill said...

you are so awesome.