Friday, September 21, 2012

Homemade Mermaid Costume

Memaid pose!

I finally finished up Maggie's mermaid costume for Halloween, though I still need to come up with some accessories.  I used this mermaid tail tutorial, but I made quite a few changes.  Some more good tips on using this tutorial from Poot-n-Toots. First of all, the fabric.  I used a lizard-print costume fabric for the tail. It's almost rubbery, and didn't fray at all.  For the fins, I used tulle.  I had to use 3 yards of it (instead of 1) but it was still cheaper than buying organza, plus - no fraying! So much easier to work with.

I used 1 yard on each side of the tail and 1 yard around the waist, folding it into fourths before gathering and sewing it on. Around the waist, I did an elastic casing, then I just tacked the bunched-up tulle down in four places.

The top is just a tube of sequined fabric, with a casing and elastic at the top.  We were debating whether to make it into a little tube top or something and Maggie asked if she would be able to pull it down to cover her tummy.  I guess that answered that.

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Marisa Hopkins said...

So cute! I love that lizard print fabric. My kids have outgrown their old tails and will be getting more for Christmas this year - I will *definitely* check out the no-fray fabrics this time :)