Friday, June 8, 2012

Salt Lake City Staycation with Dalton

This week, while Maggie attended Space Camp at the Natural History Museum of Utah, Dalton and I did various staycation things near and around downtown Salt Lake City.  I figured since Space Camp was so expensive, and it'd cost $8 in gas to drive home and back, we could spend some money doing stuff just the two of us.  He loved not having to share the stroller, though we only used it two days.

Space Camp: $130
Discovery Gateway: $17 + $1 parking
Zoo: $12.75
NHMU: $9
Aviary: $7
Temple Square/Church History Museum: Free

Leonard paid for half of Maggie's Space Camp, so it works out to be about equal.

Monday: Discovery Gateway.  Dalton turned this water wheel for 20 minutes straight.

Tuesday: Hogle Zoo with cousins Jill and Sarah.

Love the new Rocky Shores exhibit with playful seals!

Wednesday: We were lazy (spent 3 1/2 hours walking around instead of 1 hour driving and 2 1/2 hours walking around) and stayed at the NHMU.  Putting together a cell.

My favorite exhibit of ceratopsian cousins.

Thursday: Tracy Aviary. And the park. Because birds are limited in their excitingness.  

Dalton really loved the tall flowers in this exhibit.  He is copying the crane and trying to fly.

Baby Quail! soooooo cute.

Sad boy wouldn't imitate a flamingo again for the camera.  He really liked the "mangos" though.

But his favorite was the toucan, after I sang that line from the Tiki Room song to him.  He also really liked the bird show with birds flying right over us, and watching a little boy hold a bowl of snacks for the emu.

Friday: Church History Museum with Tasha and her kids.  Afterwards, Tasha picked up Tyler from work and John drove up and we all went to dinner and walked around the new City Creek center together.

Dalton got really into the mariachi music.

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