Sunday, June 24, 2012

Disney Days

Trying out the new rides at Cars Land.

Our usual 3D glasses shot, with the kids' new t-shirts.

Dalton looks a little worried, though he tried to cover it up in the next pic I took.

The Matterhorn is open! And they raised the height requirement. Bummer.

4 1/2 of us with Mickey. I don't understand why they have such awful lighting in these rooms. Maggie was excited to see a Silly Symphony Mickey because she loves the Silly Symphony Swings.

You will notice a lot more pictures of me now that John has an iphone.

Maggie is giving a dirty look to a girl who tried to encroach on her Pooh time.

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Rachel said...

cute pics! You look like me from the back in the tea cups. Is your hair getting darker?