Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bangalore: Shiva Temple

On Saturday we visited a large Shiva and Ganesha temple in Bangalore. It was part tourist trap, part worship. Hinduism is really interesting. As part of the visit, we bought "activity passes" that included the 8 different things you can do at the temple. Each one had spiritual significance, and most of them could easily be applied to any religious belief.

The entrance to the temple. You go down these steps, walk under and behind the mall, and there's the temple.
These cardboard signs are usually around a store door, advertising the specials.
Money Changers.
And a dog sleeping in the cupboard. How India.
Putting 108 coins in 108 bowls representing the 108 names of Shiva.
These bracelets are tied around the tree near the Ganesha statue to signify leaving your problems at the foot of God.
There's the statue, and thousands of bracelets.
This ritual is to give up your anger by smashing a coconut on a rock.
This tunnel was very Disneyland. There were animatronic dioramas about each Ling (not sure what a Ling is). Something Shiva found in the Himalayas (pronounced Him-AL-ee-as).
The man behind the curtain.
The Ganges was being painted, but we put our lamps in anyway.
Not only was the pool being painted, Shiva was also having some work done. Notice the Toon Town-esque mountains.
John burning his stick and ghee. Notice the globe. Inside, you walk around the planets holding a lamp, recognizing the Creations.
The booth where we got our lamps was lamp-shaped.

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