Friday, February 18, 2011

Preschool Activities Letters T-V

T was the letter that never ended. We did a paper plate Turtle. I cut a slit in the paper plate to the center, and taped it over itself to make the shell stand up a bit more. The we made a head, tail and feet from construction paper and taped them on.
We also made a Telephone. I cut out 10 squares and Maggie wrote a number on each (1-10, not 0-9). One of the squares went missing and reappeared after being replaced, so on the back is a square with an elephant.
Maggie insisted on making a Tiger. I found this folding tiger craft idea, and just drew my own tiger since we don't have a printer. Here he is eating lunch.
Then, she burst into tears because we hadn't made a Tree. I drew a T shape and gave her a brown crayon to color it in. She drew branches along the bottom of the T then glued her leaves there. I asked why she hadn't put any on the top, then she moved some, and burst into tears again because she needed more leaves for the bottom. So we made more leaves. I feel bad, like I squashed her creativity. I'm trying to give less direction and help in some of the art activities we do.

Letter U is for Umbrella. I made this umbrella from a paper plate. I used half to cut the curved handle. I cut the rainbow arcs ahead of time and had Maggie put them in rainbow order. She wanted her tinfoil rain coming down on the umbrella. If you think about it, that makes sense.

Letter V is for Valentine. We did a lot of Valentine's Day crafts but this V is for Valentine was specifically for preschool. It was one of the best activities we did so far.

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