Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Preschool Activities Letters Q-S

Letter Q is for Quilt and Quills. we made this paper plate porcupine using half a paper plate and cereal box quills.
I cut these patterned paper squares and brought them from Utah for this craft. Maggie also practiced drawing Question marks.
Letter R is for Rainbow, Robot and Rocket. The rocket is made out of a toilet paper roll, a circle with a slit cut in it, and three legs glued together on one side. We made the robot from an empty snack box, tin foil, buttons, straws for legs, and paper clips for arms.
Letter S is for Snake and Snow. Here is the snake before I cut it out.
The cotton ball S is one of the ideas I got from Ember's preschool stuff. It was nice to have a book that went along with our theme for once. On this day we also went to the playground to play on the Swings and Slide.
A few days later, we practiced Sewing a Star.

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