Monday, January 5, 2009

Felt Food Accessories: Menu and Drawstring Bag

I made and laminated menus to go with the girls' felt food sets for Christmas. I just typed it up in Word and copied it into two columns. It is two sided. I took them to Kinko's to have them laminated for just over $1.

For Colette, I made a drawstring bag with a pocket in front for the menu. (I didn't make one for Maggie because she has a play kitchen to keep her food in.) I cut a piece of fabric twice as wide as I wanted the bag (plus 1 inch for seam allowance) and just as tall (plus 2 inches). Then I cut out a piece for the pocket.

I folded the top of the pocket down twice and sewed along the top. Then I folded the sides and bottom of the pocket in and pinned it to the front of the bag. Then I sewed it on close to the edge of the sides and bottom.

To make the casing for the drawstring, fold the top edge down once just to hide the raw edge and once again big enough for your drawstring (I just used 1/2" ribbon). Press and stitch close to bottom edge of the fold.

Then put right sides of the bag together and sew along the bottom and side of the bag, leaving the drawstring casing open.

You can tuck the raw ends of the casing into the casing itself. Thread the drawstring through the casing by attaching a safety pin to the end and working it through. Tie knots in the drawstring to keep it from getting unstrung. If you are using ribbon you can keep it from unraveling by melting the threads together at the end over a match.

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