Friday, January 23, 2009

Blankie Sack

Maggie has been super picky about how her blankie must cover her toes, both while sleeping and in the car. She wakes up in the night and wants us to come in and rearrange her blankets. I didn't want to make a sleep sack because it involved fasteners and I wanted to use things I already had. Also, I'm lazy. So I came up with this idea: a blankie sack that fits around her waist. Tasha expressed concern that Colette would remove a blankie sack and put it over her head. So if your child is like that (Maggie is weirdly not), think twice before using something like this. We got two of these fleece blankets from Maggie's hospital stay. I thought about using two to make a sleep sack, but this only took one. The fleece was about 3'x3.5'.

I folded the blanket in half lengthwise and sewed the bottom and side together. Then I turned down 1 1/2" at the waist and made a casing. I threaded in some 1" elastic, cut from an old pair of PJs and measured to fit comfy around Maggie's tummy. Then I closed the casing. This entire project took about 5 minutes. No more kicking the blanket off! Cost to me: $0. Now I just need to stick the Piglets to her somehow.

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