Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Play Felt Food and Instructions

For Christmas I made Maggie and Colette each a set of fake food. Colette opened hers today so I'm going to go ahead and get a head start on my Christmas-gift posting.

Most of this was very easy to make. I used acrylic felt which I bought for $2/yard or 25 cents a sheet at Jo-Ann. I spent about $15 on this entire project, and that includes buying a bag of batting I barely touched and plenty of leftover felt. So about $5 for each set. Felt is easy to work with because it doesn't fray or unravel so it doesn't need finished edges. Most of the sewing was done by machine with straight or zigzag stitches. Aside from the chocolate chip cookies, Oreos and donuts, I made:

Bread: Cut two cream bread shapes and a long tan strip. I sewed the strip to one bread shape, then most of the way around the other. Then I turned, stuffed with a few layers of batting, and hand stitched the opening closed.
Lunch Meat: ham and turkey. Two circles zigzag stitched together.
Cheese: Two rectangles zigzaged together. I used a straight stitch to add circles to the Swiss cheese.
Lettuce: I cut a lettuce shape out of two layers of green felt. I zigzaged them together, then used a straight stitch to add detail stitching to the leaves.
Tomato: Two layers of a red felt circle. Zigzaged together, then added detail stitching in the center.
Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup, Jelly and Syrup: Cut out blob shapes.
Peanut Butter: Sewed together two blob shapes using a zigzag stitch.
Pancakes: Two circles with a layer of batting in between. Zigzaged together.
Butter: two squares of yellow straight stitched together.
Bacon: I straight stitched two tan strips to a larger brown strip.
Egg: For the egg I used two white blobs and a yellow circle. Stitch the yellow circle to one white blob - before closing the circle, lower the needle and stuff with polyfill. Finish stitching the circle. Zigzag the other white blob underneath.
Pizza crust/sauce/cheese: I am not very happy with how my pizza turned out. I layered an 8 inch tan crush with a 7 inch layer of batting, a 6 inch tan crust, a blob of sauce and a blob of cheese. Stitched around the outsides to hold everything down. Then I stitched the pizza into four pieces in double lines and cut between the double lines. I folded the larger tan crust over the batting and hand stitched it to the upper crust. Each girl got two pieces.
Pizza toppings: These are all just shapes cut out of felt. Yellow pineapple, pink ham, red pepperoni, brown mushrooms, green peppers, and black olives.
Carrots: I cut two long ovals, stitched them with the machine leaving a gap, turned, stuffed and hand stitched the opening closed. Then I hand sewed on two wavy green strips at the top.
Cucumbers/Pickles: I made these the same way I made the bread only without any batting. I machine-stitched a green strip to one cream circle. Then I stitched the other cream circle to the other side of the green strip, most of the way around. Turned through the gap and hand stitched closed.
Banana: The banana was complicated enough to make that I wrote down instructions as I figured it out. The banana was the first thing I made, back in September and I've been keeping it a secret. Finally, I published my instructions, so you can check them out here.

Sack lunch: turkey sandwich with carrot sticks and Oreos.
Sandwich ingredients.


I have more felt food planned, but I think it'll wait until the girls' birthdays this spring.

Here are some links I found helpful while planning this craft:
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Oh, those are fabulous! I love them!

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awesome! i love the fruit!