Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wallet #2 - Passport Wallet

I made this wallet at Rachel's request. She wanted something that could hold her passport while traveling, and her 10 post-graduate-research-student library cards the rest of the time. I basically made it exactly like my wallet, only I added two pockets, one of which is the length of the entire wallet.

Cut out the following:
Main fabric:
5" x 11" for exterior
5" x 5" for front pocket - fold in half and press
5" x 6" for pocket
Lining fabric:
5" x 11" for lining
5" x 10" for pocket
5" x 6" for pocket
Interfacing (this will make the exterior on the first pocket stiff and sturdy):
4.5" x 10.5" - adhere to wrong side of exterior
4.5" x 2.25" - adhere to half of folded pocket

Fold all pockets in half and topstitch on the fold. Baste pockets to lining. I sewed one 5x6 pocket to the 5x10 towards the top, the lined up the other two pockets at the bottom.

Lay the basted lining with pockets right sides with the exterior fabric. Stitch all the way around, leaving a 2" opening at the top. Snip corners. Turn through opening. Attach snaps or velcro. Edge stitch around the flap of the wallet, closing the 2" opening.

I adjusted the width of the wallet so that cards would fit snugly. The seam allowance was about 1/2".

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