Sunday, June 30, 2013

Maggie in Kindergarten

One of the moms gave me a CD with pictures from Maggie's group on the field trip to the farm. yay!

On the bus.

Riding the tractor.

Trying some carrots fresh from the farm. 

Picking and eating all the strawberries they wanted.






Teacher Appreciation - they all wore purple, her favorite color.

Valentine's Day cutie.

The Kindergarten classes did a little singing program on the penultimate day of school.




There was a class party at the park on the last day of school.  Here she is with her teacher, Mrs. Brooks.  After winning a second award for integrity this year (one of only two kids to get two awards), I asked for more details. Her teacher says she always does the right thing, even when no one is looking, she is a great role model and "I hope my own kids will be like her."

After the party I sneaked into the classroom and got a couple pictures.  She is sitting so patiently in her square.  She had to be moved toward the front, even though well-behaved kids are usually in the back, because she speaks so softly.



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