Monday, September 19, 2011

Trouble in Paradise

What a fun and exhausting trip to Kerala (the south tip of India). Nothing but beautiful scenery, incompetent customer service agents, chain smokers, and sunscreen! Pics to follow.

View from the balcony of our room onto Kaithapuzzha Lake. We stayed at the Ramada.

The pool. This resort is small (only 42 rooms) so we had the place to ourselves a lot.

Traditional Kerala houseboat. Just floating on by.

Our turn! The backwaters are absolutely amazing. Dalton slept the entire cruise, the little stinker. He missed all the fun. Maggie loved it but commented it was quite long.

Chinese fishing nets

We also tried our hand at the Chinese fishing nets. But we didn't catch anything.

And last but not least. Kingfisher changed our flight on us, and says Expedia did it. We couldn't get Expedia on the phone and they gave up our seats. The next flight out was at 7:30 the next morning. Luckily we passed a brand new Holiday Inn hotel so we spent one more night in town. The Holiday Inn had carpet so we got an extra blanket and Maggie slept on the floor! Finally we had the bed to ourselves!

I won't say it's worth it, because it wasn't. But this was the most comfortable bed I've slept on in nine months! We put on our happy faces for the kids and actually had a fun night watching Tom & Jerry with kids, ordering non-spicy food like ham and cheese sandwiches and Ceaser's salad, almost lost our passports thanks to a rather incompetent front desk, and slept extremely soundly until 5 am when we had to get up and trek back to the airport. But it's a memory, right?

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