Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fish 'n' Water

Here are a few more Kerala pictures. John blogged about this trip already, but I wanted to add more pictures, since I use our blog as photo storage.
Attending confession. Except we got yelled at.
Outside the church.
A nice view of the refinery, and all the water plants in the lake/ocean.
This guy really wanted Maggie to pet the (poor, tortured) fish.
Hauling in the Chinese fishing net.
I don't often get to see myself from the back - dang, my hair is long.
Dalton with the fishing net and 3 Keralan men wearing lungis.
This is the steam cabinet John used.
The floaties were a great investment.
On the boat - I called this one of the best hours spent in India.
Chinese fishing nets and lots of water plants. Amazingly, the speed boat only sucked up one water plant.
Along the backwaters.
It kind of reminded me of a Disneyland ride. This cow was real, and he was mad.
This is the life.
Not sure I could detach lobster from a net while standing on a canoe. In a skirt.
Maggie's "tails" were blowing behind her as she sat in the prow of the boat.

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