Monday, June 13, 2011

Felt Flower Pillow

Here is my new pillow. Love. Saw this on Craftaholics Anonymous in March and my cousin Jill sent me the felt to make it. She loves me like that. I had to do a spectrum once I saw all the pretty colors, but I didn't have enough to arrange them in a square.

I used two felt circles of each color, and sewed them on with yellow embroidery thread and french knots. Then, I sewed the entire pillowcase by hand. I really felt for people in the olden days who had to do all their sewing by hand. Embroidery is one thing, but hemming, well... Anyway, it was one long piece of fabric. I hemmed each short end, overlapped them on the back, and sewed up the side seams. It didn't take as long as I feared, and maybe my hand stitching is getting more even. Maybe.

1 comment:

Lisa Smith said...

Love how bright the colors are on the pillow! You did a good job!