Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Goa & Hampi (Take Two)

Punting on the Mandovi River
Enjoying the scenery. The weather was perfect.
Casino boats off the starboard bow.

Shaun making friends with the state of Gujurat. He really likes the attention he got here. I usually ignored it by taking pictures only.
Paradise indeed...or as close as it gets in India
Stupid humidity coupled with cheap camera. He really is in there.
Museum across the street from the chapel encasing the good Saint.
At the Mango Tree Restaurant. I couldn't resist. It appears that bed is under her but it's actually not. The only thing under her is a concrete floor.
A fake cashew fruit and nut, since it's not the proper season to see the real thing. One cashew per fruit; no wonder they are so expensive!
Spice Plantation in Goa...quintessential India!
Hampi 6 months later, with CLEAR skies

Ansel Adams does India

The sound of a lawnmower in the background actually made me homesick!

Trash!...let's just sit back and let the picture tell the story.
Eat your heart out Michelle Obama!
Junk purchased on the trip

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