Monday, September 14, 2009

Am I a Traitor?

I made a fleece University of Utah blanket for John's brother's birthday. He was pretty excited about it. The licensed fleece was really expensive - $15/yard at Jo-Ann, although Erin said she saw it at Wal-mart for $10. Definitely a good purchase to use a 40% coupon on. I bought 1 2/3 yards, but I didn't realize it was 60" wide. You really just need 1 1/3 yards for a good snuggle blanket size. I cut 1" wide strips 4" deep along the top and bottom, and knotted each strip. No sewing involved.
Since they'll take this blanket to games, I embroidered his last name on one corner. I did it on the machine, but it was freehand so it looks like I wrote it. Excuse my sewing-hand-writing.
Since Jo-Ann also carries BYU fleece, it was suggested I could make one of these for just about every member of the family. Not a bad idea!


oureye'seyes said...

hi! nice blog.

Hillary and Cameron said...

Natalie got me that same blanket when I graduated from U of U. I love it.