Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sick Week in Pictures

Everyone took a turn being sick this week, so we didn't do much. 

Sienna got a new car seat. She is now forward facing.

And thrilled about it.

We got out the slide to help with boredom. (Also note the cute ponytail and blowing kisses to her sister).

I did several unplanned organizing projects. I dug out all the craft supplies to go through while they used some.

We also did some organizing in the garage, and swept.

Hide-and-seek, except no one was seeking.

Sienna is obsessed with this Spongebob pj top. This was a messy pony, PJs at 2pm, strawberry stain, cricket bat-wielding kind of day.

Donuts on the way to Disney.

Possible non-Disney highlight of the summer: watching the lifeguard rescue a mouse that was dog-paddling in the kiddie pool.

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